A Social Experiment Leads to Better Leads


Hi, I’m Christopher Foley, web developer, web strategist, and owner of foleypod Media. We’re conducting an online experiment to track a handful of different content posts across several platforms. We run this sort of test every couple of years to learn more about what’s currently working out there in Social Media Land and what’s not […]

If Content is King, is Social Media Queen? The answer is NO


You’ve heard it before: Content is King.

Well, if Content is King, then is Social Media Queen?

No. Content is also Queen. And Content is Prince, Princess. In fact, Content is your entire Royal Family.

The value delivered in your content is what distinguishes you from your competitors. That value is what provides an otherwise obscure company or product with a platform to connect with prospects and customers. Your high-quality, high-value content enables you to engage with users and create relatedness with your Tribe.

Your products and mission might not be unique to your marketplace, but your voice is.